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Conditions of use Conditions of use
§ 1 Scope 

Supplies, services, offers and sales are exclusively based on the following conditions. These are part of all completed contracts and also apply to all future business relations, even if they are not expressly agreed. With the receipt of the contract, but no later than with receipt of delivery, these Terms are recognised by the customer. The contradictory Terms or deviating counter confirmations will be accepted only if we expressed it in writing. 

§ 2 Orders 

The offers are always subject to change. Orders and verbal agreements are only binding for us if we do it in writing, by fax, by email or by sending the goods and accounting. 

§ 3 Prices 

All prices are in EURO, including the value added tax of 19%. If no special agreement exists, the bills are payable immediately after the receipt of the invoice and are to be paid within 14 days. Bank charges will be borne by the buyer. Errors and short-term price changes are reserved. 

§ 4 Warranty and guarantee 

The warranty for new products is generally 2 years, unless the other warranty period is explicitely offered. Guarantees are only binding for us if we offer them as such. We are not ensure that the functions of the watch satisfy the requirements of the buyer. The transport and all damage claims are to report within 3 days after receiving the goods in writing (fax or e-mail). Verbal or phone messages are not valid. In the case of justified complaints, we will re-deliver the shortfall in goods or a repaired item or a replacement. In the case of a complaint within the warranty period, the buyer has to ship back to us the item together with attached original receipts, proper postage and insured according to the value of the item. We are not liable for ordinary wear and tear of the goods and defects caused by faulty or negligent treatment or control or unusual operating conditions. We assume no warranty for glass breakage of the watches, watches bracelets, in customer use abandoned crown / pusher of the watch, case cracks and scratches which do not reduce the functionality of the watch. The guarantee is limited to purely technical function of the mechanism. Warranty is omitted if the operating instructions are not followed, the watch is used uncareful or opened, any changes to the mechanism are made or parts are replaced. This also applies if the defect is due to the improper use, storage or handling of the watches. 

§ 5 Shipping 

We insure the goods for shipping according to their value. An uninsured shipping, also at the express request of the buyer, can not be offered. Delivery dates are not binding, unless they are explicitly written as binding. Agreed delivery dates refer to the receipt of goods. Shipping and type of delivery are selected by us. We will endeavour, where possible, to take into account the buyers wishes. The resulting additional costs shall be borne by the buyer. 

§ 6 Privacy 

Your personal data used for a purchase order will be treated strictly confidentially. Without your express consent, your data will be used exclusively to process your order. A re-use or re-distribution without your consent is excluded. Our data protection practice is in line with the Federal Privacy Law (BDSG) and the Teleservices Data Protection Law (TDDSG). 

§ 7 Return rights 

The customer may revoke the contract within 1 month without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the goods. The term starts immediately upon receipt of this notification. In order to safeguard the withdrawal period is sufficient to send the revocation or the item. The money is returned either by bank transfer or cheque. The reimbursement takes place after the goods are received. 

The revocation must be sent to: 

Hennadiy Borysenko 
Stahurskogo str. 64/42 
01069 Vinnitsa

E-mail: borysenko@vostok-poljot.com 

Consequences of return 

In case of an effective revocation, the benefits received by each party are returned and possibly towed uses such as interest) surrendered. If the customer returns the item with omplete or partial quality loss, he/she has to offer us a compensation to the necessary extent. This does not apply with the release of things if the deterioration of the matter solely on their exam - such as in a shop would have been possible - is due. On the other hand, the customer avoid liability for compensation by the matter is not as an owner in use and takes any action which could impair their value. The items have to be returned adequately insured. With a return from a goods whose total order value up to 40 Euros, you have to bear the cost of returning. Otherwise, the return for you free of charge. 

§ 8 Copyright 

All texts, graphics, descriptions, phrases and images used in our offers are our property and are subject to copyright. Our pictures may in no case be copied and used, for example, to sell our or similar goods at Ebay or elsewhere on the Internet. 

§ 9 Ownership rights 

We reserve the ownership of the goods supplied by us until all payments from the business relationship with he buyer are received. The retention of title extends, to the recognized balance, as far as we claim against the buyer (incomplete payment). 

§ 10 Final Provisions 

The relations between the buyer and us are exclusively subject to the laws of the Ukraine also in legal relationships with foreign buyers.
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